Protected By Excellence

Protected By Excellence

There are risks associated with the management of people. When things go wrong the financial cost can be high, the running of the business can be disrupted and managers’ time and confidence can be drained.

We believe that good managers get satisfaction from dealing with difficult and sometimes unpleasant people issues because they can take pride from managing them excellently. Excellence becomes the shell which helps protect them (emotionally and professionally) and their employer.

As a generality the longer a problem goes unchecked the higher the cost, the worse the disruption and the more difficult the issue is to resolve. Recourse by an employee to a tribunal can often represent a failure in management as much as the underlying employment issues itself.

We believe that high performance from people is born out of the meticulous and active management of:

  1. their well being
  2. attendance
  3. discipline
  4. conflict and grievance
  5. individual and team contributions

and that good managers are themselves comfortable seeing these facets as part of their daily roles.

‘Protected by excellence’ is a concept which can include bespoke management development programmes to equip managers with the competence and confidence to excel in the management of people, within the policy framework of your business. It helps the managers understand the employment law framework, your company’s policies and the specific skills needed to deal with the types of situation which can arise with and between individual.

‘Protected by excellence’ from The Wheel will help your company:

  1. improve the understanding of employee health and wellbeing
  2. manage the employment risk and avoid unnecessary and unbudgeted costs and penalties
  3. develop managers to be confident and competent tackling people issues
  4. improve employee commitment
  5. improve productivity and performance

Contact us to discuss how ‘protected by excellence’ can become part of your business ethos.