HR Consultancy With A Difference

HR Consultancy With A Difference

Managing in changing times can seem complex and the barriers sometimes high. Whether your business is small or large, unionised or non-unionised, going through change or striving for the best possible returns, it can be good to talk to an outsider.

Our approach is to work with you and your management team, either to resolve specific HRM issues or to help you identify and bring clear definition to HRM features of your business which might be constraining performance or compromising your margin. Often this is a process of alignment but sometimes more fundamental changes are identified.

This more general approach to consultancy support can also deliver value as part of your planning process, particularly when ‘scaling up’, diversifying or changing the business in other ways. It can also provide excellent insights in to target businesses as part of the merger and acquisition process.

Consider your own Human Resource Management position with the following short questionnaire:

    Yes No


Have we identified any areas of HRM which are taking up too much time or causing barriers to optimum performance?


Are there any specific HR issues in our business at the moment? If there are, are we dealing with them effectively and conclusively?


Is the way we manage HR streamlined, decisive and congruent with our businesses ethos, pace and progress?


Are any unresolved HR issues exposing our business to risk?



Are our managers competent and confident to manage the people and HR issues of our business?

(What would the managers say?)


Is our workforce well informed, satisfied, fully engaged and delivering optimum performance?

(What would the workforce say?)


Have we determined what our HRM dependencies are over the next 3 to 5 years?


Taking the same 3 to 5 year view, do we know where we might encounter snags?


Are we including HR improvement in our planning process?

*Please note the questionaire cannot be submitted.

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