Welcome To The Wheel HR Consulting

Welcome To The Wheel HR Consulting

Historians believe the wheel originated in Mesopotamia sometime around 3,500 BC. It has been around for a long time! Our approach draws on the wheel as a metaphor to highlight how simple some invaluable inventions are. The wheel is still doing what it was originally designed to do and yet some 5500 years after it was invented it still retains scope for evolution and refinement and its performance is still being improved.

We focus on two facets of a business:

  1. Expertise, ambition and values at their core, providing them with power,
  2. Infrastructure which ensures that this power is effectively used and progress made.

It is the continual alignment of the two which provide ongoing strength and stability.

To stretch our metaphor a little further, a broken spoke or a damaged hub can throw businesses in to disequilibrium which if left unchecked can lead to poor performance or even a breakdown.

We offer a wide range of practical HR support. The way that we work with and through management teams means that no job is too big and no job is too small. We are as able to deal with a specific employee grievance as we are able to help with a programme of more general change.

We believe that simplicity in approach is a key driver of success. No matter how complex the environment or the problem might appear we have learned that the best solutions will invariably be both practical and simple. We appreciate though that in the hum drum of a busy enterprise it is sometimes possible to lose sight of this.

We are here to work with you to eliminate potential, emerging or identified problems and help you improve bottom line performance.